alice donut

Now I have loved these guys for a long time. I have a good chunk of their discography, so I'll break it down for you by album.

revenge fantasies of the impotent is probably my favorite. Besides being great classic west coast newschool punk, they have an incredible horn section. This album also has the trademark talking-over-crazy-riffs type of trak on it, lisa's father, which was funny the first time I heard it and CONTINUES to be funny, even til today! Unlike some other alternative tentacle artists...ahem, jello.

bucketfulls of sickness and horror is the other album I'd highly recommend. This one is a bit cleaner, since they apparently got tighter at some point. It also has some of their stronger music on it.

Unless you are a fan of live albums, in which case theirs is great, these are the only two alice donut albums you'll ever need. the rest are a bit overproduced, and I like my punk rock rough.

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