acid mothers temple

This band is the kind of music I imagine my mother hearing as a soundtrack to her acid flashbacks. They shift from some kind of wild japanese thrash frenzy back to slowly tinkling river noises; they swoop out into space and make some kind of weird jazz rock; they chant and bang on stuff.

If you like any kind of psychedelic music or even old 60's acid rock you'd probably find at least one track to like here. But if you like structure in your sounds you may want to steer clear.

They're pretty much the happy, japanese version of fantomas. I really like "No more red nightmare"; the album troubadours doesn't seem as good. but I also really ebjoy about the first half of Have you seen the other side of the sky?, which has more of the loopy kind of sounds. If you do something like tattooing, painting, or creating things for a job, that last album makes excellent work music-just enough to make you think but not enough to have to pay attention to.

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